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NeuCoin is developing real consumer utility by focusing on one of the killer apps for digital currencies - online microtransactions (from $0.01 to $1 value) - which are not feasible with fiat currencies and traditional payment methods.

Rapid consumer adoption will be powered by freemium distribution of NeuCoin tokens to users, who will be able to try using NeuCoins for games, tipping and premium content for free - a massive advantage over micropayment platforms that require consumer to use Bitcoin - because fewer than 0.1% of internet users have Bitcoin.

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The NeuCoin foundations are funded by a 2.5 billion coin pre-mine and $2.25 million of pre-launch funding, and are controlled by coin holders (1 coin = 1 vote).

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Over 10 years, the supply of NeuCoin will grow from 3 billion to 100 billion, primarily from PoS rewards. These high PoS rates create high security by motivating miners to operate many nodes and stake large numbers of coins.

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Proof-of-stake solves Bitcoin's main flaws - high costs and increasing centralization. The NeuCoin whitepaper addresses all the cryptocommunity's 'nothing at stake' objections to proof-of-stake and demonstrates mathematically how NeuCoin's design - with improved security over previous proof-of-stake implementations - foils all attack vectors.

Bounties offered for all constructive input.

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The founding team has built companies in music, games and shopping that each reached many millions of consumers. NeuCoin is also supported by all-star groups of strategic advisers and strategic angel investors.